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Frequent Asked Questions


I want to hire a well qualified a contractor to build my business (restaurant, office space, retail store) should I get three bids?

Only if you believe that quality and value are determined by who is the cheapest or lowest bidder. You want to open your business as soon as possible and start making money. To do this you need a qualified contractor who will get the construction done on time without complications and at a fair price. Lone Wolf Electric has a proven track record of "On-Time / On Budget" projects completed. We are here to help you be successful.
How can I plug a four prong dryer or range into a three prong outlet?

New appliances are designed to meet the newest standards. It is not reasonable to expect someone to rewire their home because they need a new dryer or range [stove]. According to the NEC [National Electrical Code], it is now required to isolate the neutral conductor from the appliance frame or chassis. It used to be allowable to use the neutral as a grounding means by incorporating a link between the neutral and the chassis. The problem with this is that, should the neutral become "open" at some point, the chassis or frame then becomes energized! The answer to this safety issue was to require a separate grounding conductor in the cable feeding the appliance. The NEC allows the replacement of the new four prong cord with a three prong cord for appliance replacements in existing installations only!

How do i find a good electrician?

There are many excellent electricians in classified ads, or yellow pages. Also word of mouth is one of the best ways. Check with people and friends who have had electrical work done. Do your homework, the first thing you do is make sure they have a license. Colorado electricians are required by law to carry on thier person thier electrical license. Then be sure they are insured.

How can I check if someone is Licensed in the state of Colorado?

Department of Regulatory Agency Automated License Verification

How can I be sure I hired the right Electrical Contractor?

Did you hire Lone Wolf Electric?